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ed_rp's Journal

Eternally Divided role playing community
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Before The Tale Miscellaneous
1. You must be a decent role player before you even consider

joining. I do not have a totally high tolerance for bad grammar or spelling. Please try to

at least make your application into something that is readable.

2. Once you are accepted, it would be appreciated if you would friend everyone using

your character journal. And please make a first post in your character journal. The title

should have the word "denied" in it. This is to prove to me that you took the time to read

at least some of the rules (what's so difficult about reading these rules?)

3. This is meant to be a friendly role playing community. If you cannot get along with

someone, then please work it out somehow. I or one of the other mods will warn you

once. But if you bring your problems into the role play or the community, then you will

be removed. Pointless arguing is something I, for one, cannot-and will not-tolerate.

4. Just because someone spells a few words wrong is no reason to fly off of the handle

at them. If I can hold back, then you can hold back. I can overlook teasing, but I cannot

overlook someone completly putting someone down. If you find yourself unable to

refrain from being a complete grammar nazi, then quit. Otherwise you will be removed.

5. For the time being, all new applicants are allowed only one character. This rule will

last for the first week (from the time the game starts). As soon as I get an idea of who is

and is not capable of handling more than one, I will up the limit to two. This way, I

know who and who not to accept for the second character. After another week, the

limit will be upped to three and, a week later, possibly four.
Note: Please do not be angry with me for allowing the mods to already have more that

one. I already know they can handle more than one, though.

6. In your application, the following (and yes, you can add to them) should be in the

title: 'freedom is a perspective', 'you live what you learn', 'broken pride, 'here we go

again', 'don't worry...be happy!', 'like I care', or 'whatever'. This way, I'll know if you've

at least read this rule. It does not matter which phrase you chose, really.

6. If you are playing a main or side character, you will be needed more often than once

a week. Do not apply for the part of a main or side character if you are unable to post

more often than once a week. If you are playing the part of a character that you created

yourself, then you should post at least once a week.

7. Reserving characters is allowed. You need a decent excuse, though. Also, it would be

much appreciated if you would leave your e-mail address and IM user name.

8. No advertising by the members is allowed!!! If one does it, EVERYONE will do it!

Though, I do not mind if you come to me or one of the mods about another community.

If we like the community, WE'LL advertise it.

9. The game starts as soon as ALL main and MOST of the side characters are

But alas it could not go on, love with hearts divided turned to

hate and devotion to undying bloodlust...


A laugh escapes her lips. The plan has come into play almost perfectly.. It had,

unfortunatly, taken a little longer to organize than had been thought. Shaa will soon

have what she has wanted for far too long. As she stands in the dark forest, knowing

that the girl will soon be writhe in her own two hands, she can almost taste her victory.
"What are you laughing at?" A young-looking man stands nar too far from

Shaa, her back to him. His face is hidden by the shadow of the black jecket's hood. As

Shaa turns around to face him, he wonders if he should have questioned her laughter.

She had told him, when Shaa first hired him, that he should never question her.

Fortunately, when Shaa turns to the hooded figure, she has no anger in her eyes what

so ever. With much relief, he exhales the breath that had somehow become trapped in

his throat.
"Everything has come into play. Don't you agree?" Shaa smiles with much

He could not disagree. Everything is pretty much set. The hooded figure does

not foresee anything stopping him from finishing the job. He gives a nod and unseen,

rather sad, smile, "I do agree. She will be dead very soon."
"And I'll have you to thank for that, now _won't I_?" The hooded figure cannot

help but to feel threatened by Shaa's last two words. It is as though Shaa is telling him

to 'do it, or die'.
He does not question this, though. He know, for a fact, that he does not have

much of a choice. He could not risk doing something wrong, then Shaa becoming angry

with him. He knew what would happen if Shaa were to become angry with him. She

would do exactly as she told him she would do. Shaa would kill the one that he loves

the most. With all of these things in mind, he nods once more. His voice remains strong

as he speaks, "Of course you will."

(I will not reveal who the hooded person is until later. In fact, it has not been completly

written in stone who this person is, yet. I have an idea who I want it to be. But I will

have to talk to the one role playing as this character first.)
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