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Application for Own Character

Keep in mind:

    This is an application for your OWN CHARACTER. I will not be as picky with these applications as I am with the characters that I created myself. As far as these characters go, I will have absolutely NO control over them. I will not attempt in ANY way to take over them unless I am given permission. Even then, I will be reluctant to do so.
    These characters will be able to interact with pretty much any of the main or side characters. Also, I will attempt in no way to kill off your character. They have just as much right as a main or side character in this community. And I will do my best to make sure anyone playing a main or side character has this same respect.

We will need characters like:

At Yaori's school:

People like...Students, teachers, a principal, a school nurse, etc.


People like....Police officers, regular park visitors (the portal between the human and demon world is located here, so the main characters will be visiting the park often), neighbors (especially next door neighbors-for the main and side characters), etc.

*Anyone playing their own character will more than likely be able to play up to three-five characters without much problem (unless they are also playing a main or side character...or both).*

((This far...the longest application that I made. Make sure that you have lots of spare time  before you attempt to complete this application. (I apoligize for making it so long...;;;))

(Please copy and paste everything below the dotted line into your post. And please cut everything that is in parenthesis. Believe me, I've seen people put every single word in their application.)

~Name you go by:
~Age: (Unless you are mature for your age, I would prefer it if you are over the age of 14)
~Instant Messenger (and please be sure to put which kind):
~Do you role play through instant messenger?
~Do you role play through e-mail?


~Name and nickname(s) of your character: (Please be appropriate yet original. I love originality~)


~Why do you think you would do well playing this character? (Don't worry, you don't have to have a great reason...)
~Have you read all of the rules? (Please say you have...)
~Do you think you will apply as anyone else in the future? (We need high school interaction!)
~If so, who?

                                                *Character Profile*
~Age: (If they are a demon, keep in mind that demons live longer than humans.)
~Hair and eye color:
~Height and weight:
~Family and Background: (It does not have to be a novel, just something to give everyone an idea of who they are.)
~Gender: (male, female, hermaphrodite?)
~Sexuality: (gay, lesbian, straight?)
~Addictions, habits, fears, strengths and weaknesses:
**(Again, I am not looking for a novel. You can simply make a list of these things, but I do prefer to know if there is a special reason for a fear or weakness. Also, they need at least three weaknesses.)**
~Body arts and piercings:
**(If they are demon, I would prefer it if you would give their demon race. And if they are mixed, I would like it very much if you would tell what races they are mixed with.)**

            *If they are a demon or human in demon form*

~Do they have any special abilities or powers?
**(The limit of special powers is three. They cannot be stronger than any of the main or side characters until you talk to me and get my permission. So do not give them powers such as controlling minds, controlling people's body, or invisibility.)**

        *If they are human or demon in human form*

~Do they go to Yaori's school?
**(If you would like them to be in Yaori's grade and home room, let me know and I will talk to Yaori-mun.)**
~Would you like them to be one of Yaori's friends? Enemies? Or neither?

                         *If they are a student at Yaori's school*

~What grade are they in?
~What kind of student are they?
**(Flunker, teacher's pet, honor role student, etc?)**
~What group are they in?
**(jock, prep, loner, goth, freak, nerd, etc?)**

        *If they are a teacher at Yaori's school*

~What grade do they teach?
~What subject do they teach?
~What are their pet peeves?
**(What could the students do to _really_ tick them off?)**
~What kind of teacher are they?
**(Patient, strict, angry, etc?)**

Role playing example:

Give a detailed example of how you would role play this character:
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