eternallyd_mod (eternallyd_mod) wrote in ed_rp,

Application for Main Character

Please keep in mind:

This is an application for a MAIN CHARACTER. I am going to be picky with who can and cannot play main characters. Anyone that wishes to play a main character, should keep in mind that they will have to be able to post in the community MORE often than just once a week.
    Also, anyone playing a main character will not be allowed to take on more than TWO characters (counting the main character). There might be _some_ exceptions for those that are excellent role players. This will be a _rare_ exception, though.


~Name you go by:
~Instant Messenger (and please be sure to put which kind):
~Do you role play through instant messenger?
~Do you role play through e-mail?


~Name of character:
~Character journal:


~Why do you think you would do well playing this character?
~Have you read all of the rules?
~Do you think you will apply as anyone else in the future?
~If so, who?

Role playing example:

Give a detailed example of how you would role play this character:
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