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*Your character journals*

 This is going to be the journal you use to role play as your character. It would also be appreciated (since it would be interesting to read...) if you would make this into the character's personal journal. It could even be a place to make them act sort of ooc (Like...making a serious character speak as they would if they were drunk or something). I believe this would help make the community a little more entertaining (especially since the story is pretty serious majority wise...) for us all.

And, incase you are having trouble thinking of something for your character's journal...'s a short example of something that I would put as Val's first journal post (and, since I am random by nature, it's...quite random):

{Begin Val's rant}

Alright. I have a complaint: ...why the _hell_ do I hafta be one of the main EMO characters?!?! Why can't I be cool SURUKI or someone!? Oh... and WHY the HELL am I stuck with Mr. King-of-depressing-thoughts?! Why couldn't I be stuck with someone more _pleasant_ like Kitsurama or somethin'??? I HATE YOU MS. STORY WRITER!!!

((Me: ...............Sorry?..............;;;; ))

{End Val's rant}

 It could be something like that. Or, if you already like how your character acts, then you could make it the journal that reveals their actual ic thoughts. It doesn't really matter to me. I only ask that you actually make character journal updates if you have the time~

*Grammer and Spelling*

 Alright. I am not a total nazi or anything. But if you cannot spell Elementary-Middle School level words, then I do have a problem with it. If you have a problem with being corrected, then be prepared to become annoyed. If I notice it, then I will correct someone if they spell a word as simple as "spacing" wrong on a regular basis (don't worry about it if you mispell it once or twice. I mispell words every now and then when I am in a hurry...). If it is a High school-College level word, I will overlook it. The same thing goes for grammar.

 But, like I said, I'm only making this rule as an attempt to show that I really do _love_ it when people attempt to have decent spelling and grammar. It won't kill me if you honestly didn't ace spelling and grammar in school. If you really do have trouble with it, then I will understand. I won't make fun of you or anything...nor will I be a complete douche and tell everyone. Not everyone is perfectly rounded when it comes to aceing every class in school. So yeah, to be honest, I'm not going to kick people off or have people kicked off (I won't really be in charge of kicking people off. I'm honestly too nice to do it...unless I end up hating the person completly...) just for mispelling words.

 Just...a side note, but: There _is_ that little thing called "spell check"...It can be found in many wonderous places (Like microsoft word...or even on the 'update journal' page...). If you aren't in an extreme hurry, it shouldn't completly destroy your life to use it...

 *Community arguments*

Everyone. Pay. Attention. To. This. Part.

 This is the one and only time that I will kick _basically anyone_ off MYSELF... (I've had one too many great role plays DESTROYED because of this...) I do not tolerate pointless arguing. At all. It's STUPID. If anyone AT ALL brings an ooc argument into the role play or community in general, I will warn them ONCE. After that, that's _IT_. Either take the argument somewhere else, or you WILL be removed.

 Please don't think of me as a jerk. I'm really not. Honestly, other than this one pet peeve, I'm rather friendly and laid back for a mod (Actually, most of my friends say that I am like that in general...).  

*The mods*

 Obviously, I am the creator and main mod of this community. My job is answering questions, accepting people, making the rules, and creating drama for the storyline. There are two other mods. One (Kitsurama and Zierce-mun) is in charge of fixing the community up and putting pictures up on the community. They also share the job of creating drama for the storyline. The other (Kurakai and Suruki-mun) is in charge of updating the lists and kicking people off. They may also help me come up with some new rules and drama.


 The rule for Main and Side characters is more strict than the rule for characters made by applicants. If you join and something comes up (along the lines of you will be unavailable for more than a week) after you have been a member for a while, then please make it known that you will be unavailable for whatever amount of time. If it will be more than two weeks and your character is rather important, I ask that you give permission to lend out your character. It will never be permanent. It would either be me or one of the mods taking the character over until you are able to return. 


If you have any questions or suggestions, I have no problem with you contacting me. I am willing to answer any questions or take any suggestions. I absolutely love suggestions, to be honest. Especially suggestions for how I should make this community better. As far as questions go, I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find the answer. If I cannot find the answer, I will look for someone who knows. If you have any doubts about me knowing what the answer is, then feel free to contact either one of the other mods. 

*Dropping a character*

 If you need to drop a character (no matter the reason): You may either leave an OOC comment in one of the mod character journals, look for one of the mods to be on AIM, or simply make an OOC post in the community journal. Take your pick. Once we become informed of you wishing to have your character removed, the character journal will simply be deleted. If it is a main or side character, I will ask your permission to keep the journal you made for them. That way, if someone else decides to join as them, they won't have to start all over. (That is, if you have been with us for more than a week).

*Instant messenger and e-mail*

 If you want whatever happened in a role play through IM and e-mail to be part of the story, then you can simply post it in the community. Copy and paste would be fine. The style you used in IM and e-mail doesn't matter.

*Reserving a character*

 I don't mind if someone wishes to reserve a character (as long as there is a decent excuse). Reserves only last for two weeks, though. It would also be greatly appreciated if you left your e-mail address and instant messenger user name (if you have one).

(All of this is subject to change. I will let everyone know if it does.)

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