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Application for Side Character

Please keep in mind:

    This is the application for a SIDE CHARACTER. Since these characters are not _as_ important (well...they _are_ important enough to b), you will be allowed to apply for three characters (unless you are playing a main character as well. Also, there is the exception of those who are excellent role players).
    Also, you will only have to be available for posting and such at least once a week (though, you should keep in mind, that more than once would be greatly appreciated...).


~Name you go by:
~Instant Messenger:
~Do you role play through instant messenger?
~Do you role play through e-mail?


~Name of character:


~Why do you think you would do well playing this character?
~Have you read all of the rules?
~Do you think you will apply as anyone else in the future?
~If so, who?

Role playing example:

Give a detailed example of how you would role play this character:
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